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Fort Smith Citizens Academy

The CPA Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization that advances the concept of community policing and promotes the Citizen’s Police Academy. The association was formed in order to organize graduates of the Citizens Police Academy to enrich the relationship between the community and the Fort Smith Police Department. Members of the Alumni serve as ambassadors for the Fort Smith Police Department as well as aid the FSPD in various activities that are deemed to be safe and appropriate for civilians.

Being a member of the Alumni Association promotes awareness of the police department to the community in order to dispel preconceived ideas or negative feelings about the police department. Members have access to special law enforcement related training to give a better understanding of how the police department operates. Alumni volunteers have the opportunity to provide realism for law enforcement training through participation in real-life scenarios. As a member of the Alumni Association, each person’s dedication makes a difference in the developing a rapport between the police and the community it serves.

Active members must be a graduate or attending one of the FSPD Citizens Police Academy and pay yearly dues of $20.

CPA Alumni 2014 Officers:


Rick Watson


Pattie West


Phil Whiteaker


Monica Slate


Madeline Martinez

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